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Foundation supports Lancashire Police's boxing sessions for youngsters at Adam Little Boxing Gym

AFC Fylde Community Foundation have supported Lancashire Police in the delivery of youth boxing diversionary sessions at Adam Little Boxing Gym, Kirkham.

Sessions are free and open to youngsters aged between 11-16 years-old across Fylde, as a part of Operation Centurion, Lancashire Police’s campaign to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour locally.

The Foundation are pleased to be working alongside our local Police to support young people living in the community through the boxing sessions.

The young people who attend the boxing group have the chance to learn a new sport and make new friends. Training sessions are overseen by coaches from Adam Little Boxing Gym.

Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant for Fylde, Paul Glennon-Hill, said: “We’ve set up boxing diversionary sessions for the local community, the origins of it being, we’re the same as any other town, you get your pockets of Anti-Social Behaviour with youths, which has been an ongoing issue.

“It’s not serious, but it impacts the local community, so when I’ve been out and about on patrol, I’ve been speaking to some of the local kids, who say they are bored, so I’ve been speaking to businesses and members of the local community. I popped into Red Rose carpets and spoke to the owner there and he said he does boxing locally and that he’s part of the local gym, and if the kids would be up for it.

“The kids wanted to give it a try, so I’ve spoken to Kirkham Town Council and local businesses to secure the funding, Adam Little asked what he could do to help, that he was a local lad who wants to put back into his community, and boxing changed his life.

“We’re now sharing it out around the local community for the local kids to focus on, and it teaches them that there’s more to do than go around causing Anti-Social Behaviour.

“The kids have loved the sessions, they’ve really enjoyed getting involved and it’s helped us work closer with our community as well.”

Scott Harries, Community Development Officer at AFC Fylde, added: “It’s a brilliant initiative and great to work in partnership with the local Police and the guys at Adam Little Boxing.

“The feedback from the sessions so far has been extremely positive and it’s really good to see local young people getting involved in a new sport and using their time more positively. Hopefully, this is something that can continue long into the future.”

For more information on the project, please email!

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