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Our Projects

Last year was another successful 12 months for the Foundation, as we supported over 7000 individuals aged between 2 and 103 years old, across 27 programmes that continue to have a lasting impact on the lives of Fylde residents.

We have been able to develop long term partnerships with local, regional and national partners such as Fylde Council and The National Lottery to ensure our programmes address local need and reach as many people as possible.


The Foundation team of staff works tirelessly to ensure the needs of our participants are met, catering for people from all walks of life. Their enthusiasm, commitment and passion for their roles was deservedly recognised at the at the Northwest Football Awards, with the Foundation being the first ever charity from a National League North club to win an award.


Community Development

 The Foundation are committed to creating stronger, more cohesive and confident communities in which people feel safe, welcomed and connected.


Employability and Skills

 The Foundation equip young people and adults with the skills to advance into employment, education and training.


Schools and Education

Utilising the brand and appeal of AFC Fylde, we aim to inspire children and young people to learn, be active and develop life skills.

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