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Trustees' Week: Dave Edmundson proud of AFC Fylde Community Foundation's work for local people!

AFC Fylde Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees provide an important and supportive role in the charity’s work across the local Fylde borough.

This week (Monday 6th November to Friday 10th November) marks Trustees’ Week, which is an opportunity for the Foundation to come together and show our appreciation to the tireless efforts to support our community.

The theme for Trustees’ Week 2023 is ‘Many voices. Working together. With purpose.’

Trustees’ Week is five-days dedicated to those who play an influential and important role within a charity to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

We are celebrating individual talents, viewpoints and experiences each trustee brings to their board and their collective decision making and how diversity can help make AFC Fylde Community Foundation stronger.

In total, AFC Fylde Community Foundation currently has seven Trustees, who support the charity’s strategy, as well as providing guidance to all areas of the business.

Dave Edmundson has been involved with the charity since the summer of 2022, and brings a wealth of experience as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, where he supports Foundation Director Wesley Partington.

His career has seen him spend time in CEO roles at Burnley Football Club and the EFL Trust, as well as positions within Spring North and Lancashire County Cricket Club.

Dave said: “I get prouder everyday the more involvement I’ve had, the more I see what the Foundation does to support the local community. It really is a charity that connects and engages.

“It’s a gem for residents on our doorstep and beyond, which fulfils what club community organisations were set up for, to help their communities.

“The Foundation is an organisation that can operate deep within the heart of the community, across all aspects of the Foundation, which engages with everyone and has the wellbeing of its community as the main priority.

“Right across every single aspect of our community, we’re delighted that the Foundation can touch the lives of so many in our borough.

“We have an outstanding team of staff at the Foundation who work so hard everyday to help our communities through several fantastic programmes that we deliver.

“The relationship that I’ve built up with Wes and my fellow trustees, who are special people, and the acceptance I’ve had of being part of the team as chairman of the Trustees, to share my vision and what we want to implement.”

Working alongside AFC Fylde, the Foundation use the power of the badge to serve residents of the Fylde borough to improve health and wellbeing, improve employability and skills and create stronger communities.

Over the last year, the Foundation has had a positive impact on the lives of 6,000 people, delivered over 10,000 sessions across 24 programmes and established key local and national partners, including Fylde Council and the National Lottery Community Fund.

Wesley Partington added: “Everyone at the Foundation greatly appreciates the invaluable contributions that our Board of Trustees bring to the charity.

“We are always pleased to welcome their ideas about how we can enhance and improve our work around the Fylde area. All our Trustees are a key component in our activities.

“With their support and guidance, we are able to deliver our programmes which make such a difference to the lives of people in the local community.”

Below is a full list of AFC Fylde Community Foundation Trustees:

Dave Edmundson (chair)

Lesley Calland

Richard Lancaster

Mick Threlfall

Chris Brammall

Mick Fitzpatrick

Gerrie Byrne

AFC Fylde Community Foundation would like to thank all our Trustees for the work they do.

Find out more on Trustees’ Week by clicking HERE

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