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The Foundation's 'Our Time' project receives positive feedback

AFC Fylde Community Foundation's 'Our Time' project has received positive feedback from the participants.

The Foundation works alongside local schools to deliver weekly sessions to young people between the ages of 10-16. Our aim is to provide relief and escapism from any potential issues they might be experiencing at home.

Our staff also attempt to build the participants' confidence, self-esteem and team work skills along with other young people who have encountered similar experiences.

For confidential purposes we are unable to disclose the schools that we attend but we wanted to share with everyone the touching feedback we have received from some of the children we support.

One of the children said: “I think this really helped me and was really good!”.

Two participants had praise for our members of staff: “You are amazing, Thank you! Especially Daisy and Matty,” whilst another child said: “AFC Fylde [Community Foundation] are [mostly] my favourite people to talk to when I'm upset, because I know they’ll listen to whatever I say.”

One of our staff members was told: “It’s fun and we can trust you” and “I liked it and it was very fun,” by another two children.

Our Champions Project Co-ordinator, Daisy Sheridan, believes: "It’s a great opportunity for young people to discuss topics such as online safety, healthy relationships and friendships outside of a typical classroom environment.

"It also provides the children a safe space with friendly members of the Foundation that are there with the sole intention of supporting them."

If you believe students from your school could benefit from the Foundation's 'Our Time' project, please email:

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