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The Foundation's Fylde Focus floristry success

AFC Fylde Community Foundation's Employability and Skills team have provided 17-year-old with a future career path starting in September.

Luna was referred to the Foundation's 'Fylde Focus' project by a family member due to her being not in education, employment or training (NEET). Our staff picked up on Luna's anxiety almost immediately as she wasn't comfortable leaving her house.

Natasha Green, our Employability and Skills Co-ordinator, worked with Luna via one-to-one weekly meetings that took place in local cafes or public walks - this was to try and help her to gain confidence when being outside of the house.

She was incredibly shy when Natasha first contacted her but as we built a rapport with her, she began to come out of her shell as each week went by - resulting in her being able to be more open with us.

Luna disclosed the level of mental health issues she was suffering with to our team, which was the reason why she couldn't be in full time education, due to the number of students in classrooms.

The Foundation supported Luna's search for employment, apprenticeships and educational courses and also helped the 17-year-old create her CV.

Luna decided she wanted to have a career in floristry due to her passion for gardening. Due to her anxiety around full time courses, Natasha researched short courses in this area.

Luna's interest finally peaked, but due to it being a short time course, there was a cost for enrolment - which Luna unfortunately couldn't afford. After searching for any possible funding or grants for young people, the Foundation team contacted Harris Charity.

They are able to provide grants for people aged 25 or younger who live in Lancashire. Luna's application to the charity was successful which covers the cost of the course and any equipment she needs for participation.

The course begins in Septembers and Luna has already began planning for when she finishes, as she wants to be self employed running her own floristry business.

Our Employability and Skills Co-ordinator, Natasha Green, said: "This is a brilliant example of the great work the Foundation provides.

"Sometimes just trying to recognise what path is best for someone is the hardest thing to do, but with Luna she knew exactly what field she wanted to go into, it was just a matter of how we could get her into floristry."

"Thankfully, we have found the perfect solution for someone who deserves our help. We would like to wish Luna all the best with her new course and we hope everything all works out for her."

If you believe yourself or anyone else would benefit from our 'Fylde Focus' project please contact

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