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Get your school involved in the Foundation's Our Time programme!

AFC Fylde Community Foundation are looking for schools in the local area to get involved in the charity’s Our Time programme!

The Foundation’s Our Time programme provides sessions for school children in different age groups on topics such as healthy relationships and online safety in Fylde, funded by The National League Trust.

We have received additional funding to run the eight week sessions in five schools across the Fylde borough.

Youngsters can get involved in plenty of exciting and insightful classroom activities, aimed at personal development, through the power of the AFC Fylde badge.

We have been successfully running the programme inside local schools in previous years, and now is the perfect time if your school are keen to get involved.

The project is for children aged seven (year three) and up, and for secondary school pupils in year seven and eight. Our Time teaches them valuable life skills through tailored, fun sessions every week.

And as we are well into the new academic year, school pupils across the Fylde borough can experience the Foundation’s Our Time programme.

“The children love it when Daisy and AFC Fylde Community Foundation come in, and when it’s someone coming into the school from outside, it just helps those children who do maybe struggle in their relationships, not necessarily at home, but in school as well, so it helps them with their understanding and being more self-aware of other children around them,” said a teacher from The Willows’ Catholic Primary School.

“The Year Sixes that are in this group, it will help them massively when they are going onto high school, with the skills that they have learned in the last few weeks, they can use them with their new friends at high school.

“It’s amazing that AFC Fylde Community Foundation can come in, we’ve done it for a few years now and they have been brilliant, I’ve learned loads of things that I can support the children with, and you can see the difference when they come out of the sessions, so it’s a really good programme.”

Daisy Sheridan, Project Coordinator, said: “The Our Time project is a fun and interactive group session which allows young people to engage in important topics that they may not have explored before. The project is a fantastic opportunity for local organisations to work together to promote the safety and welfare of young people.”

Does your school want to get involved with AFC Fylde Community Foundation’s Our Time? For more information, please email

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