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Foundation Launches New Weight Management Project

AFC Fylde Community Foundation has extended its health and wellbeing provision, with a new 12-week programme, Change, ran in partnership with Fylde Borough Council, Lancashire County Council and The National League Trust. The project is open to those aged 18 and over, who are looking to make a positive change to their lifestyle.

Participants will work with the Foundation’s Health and Wellbeing Officer on a one-to-one basis, who will support them in their journey to making healthier lifestyle choices. The Foundation will gain an understanding of why participants would like to make a positive change to their health and wellbeing, what barriers they may face, and help participants in establishing their goals.

As part of the consultation, the Foundation will create a bespoke plan tailored to suit each individuals’ goals; the plan will understand what activities participants enjoy, and provide guidance on what participants can do at home to make a positive change to their lifestyle. Participants may also be signposted to further support ran by the Foundation, including group-based activities and sports, depending on the participants’ goals and fitness level.

The Foundation can also support with nutritional information, providing affordable and easy meal advice which will enable participants to make positive changes within their day-to-day life and eating habits.

Sessions are delivered from Hope Street Pavillion, Lytham (Mondays, 10am – 12pm), and Bactive Leisure Centre (Wednesdays, 10am – 12pm), and are completely free of charge.

For more information please email or call 01772 598 856.

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