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Foundation helps Kickstart participant find Employment!

AFC Fylde Community Foundation’s Kickstart programme has seen, Matt, a Community Sports Activator, stay with the Foundation on its Invest In

Youth programme, to further support with employment and training. The Kickstart Scheme was a government-funded project that helps 16-24 year olds find employment.

Prior to joining the Kickstart scheme, Matt previously worked as a shopkeeper before finding himself unemployed. When having a meeting with his work coach at the local job centre, he was referred to the Kickstart programme in January 2022, where Matt joined the Foundation as a Community Sports Activator.

Whilst under the Kickstart project, Matt shadowed a number of our coaches to learn different aspects of the role, going into various schools to assist with PE delivery as well as coaching at various projects which the Foundation runs. Matt then began to lead sessions in various activities, including Football, Dodgeball and Multisport Circuits, enabling him to gain confidence within coaching and further develop his skills.

Matt said, “During my time at the Foundation, I have been able to learn the basics of coaching and how the Foundation works and grow and develop my skills.

“I am delighted how its gone and I have recently applied for a part time role with the Foundation which starts in September, where hopefully I am successful and can carry on my coaching career!”

Whilst the Kickstart Scheme has finished, the Foundation has a number of Employability Projects aimed to help those within the local community to get back in to training or employment. For further information, please visit

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