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Community Foundation acknowledge The National Lottery funding for the Loneliness Prevention Project

It's been nearly a year since the Community Foundation received a National Lottery award from The National Lottery award fund.

The Loneliness Prevention Project is a free 12-week programme that works with local partners to offer comprehensive person-centred support. This includes one-to-one sessions, group activities and other experiences to people aged 65 and over in the Fylde Borough.

Over the last month in our group sessions we have provided archery sessions, bingo, boccia and quizzes for all of our participants.

This project aims to empower those experiencing loneliness and isolation. It provides individuals with the tools, knowledge and confidence to improve their health and wellbeing, whilst helping to increase their connections in the community.

Our Loneliness Prevention Project Co-ordinator, Daisy Sheridan, believes "The grant allows us to continue to deliver great work for over 65s in the Fylde Borough."

In May 2023, The National Lottery granted the Foundation funds to run the Loneliness Prevention Project for three years. Daisy said: "this project allows us to provide different opportunities to help support the health and wellbeing of people who are aged 65 or over," Daisy said, as 26.9% of the Fylde Borough's population is over the age of 65.

Here at the Community Foundation we would like to thank all of the National Lottery players who made it possible for us to receive this funding.

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