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Our Multiply project returns for a third year in a row

We are proud to announce that we are continuing to run our Multiply programme.

The project is partnered with Skills for Life Multiply, Lancashire County Council, WEA Adult Learning and Department for Education.

This will be our third year in a row providing Multiply for the Community, something we are hugely grateful for.

To be eligible for the programme you must be a resident of the Fylde Borough, over the age of 19 and NOT have a grade C GCSE (or equivalent) in maths.

If you fit those requirements, you will be able to sign up to our free online maths course for adults. The way to register is to head to our website: and fill out the registration form.

There is no deadline/time restrictions on the course, it is based on each participant and how quickly they are able to pass the course.

Our Employability and Skills manager, Chris McNally said: "We are really happy to be able to continue providing Multiply for the Fylde district."

"It provides adults with another chance of receiving a maths qualification that they may need to advance their career."

"There could be several reasons why people need Multiply, as long as it helps people improve themselves that's all that matters. The participant can complete the course at their own pace, so they can feel as comfortable as possible."

For more information regarding Multiply, please email:

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