About the Programme

The AFC Fylde Community Foundation are proud to have developed a flagship public health improvement programme, working in partnership with a number of statutory organisations based throughout Wyre and Fylde. The Get on Board programme, was constructed following a successful partnership meeting between The AFC Fylde Community Foundation, NHS England, NHS Wyre and Fylde Clinical Commissioning Group and Lancashire County Council. Each organisation brings into the programme a wealth of experience and understanding around a number of complex public health issues.

The programme is broken down into the following four key targets;

  • Obesity- Through education, provide residents in Fylde with the opportunity to change their lifestyles for the better.
  • Physical Activity- Increase physical activity participation rates right across Fylde, made possible by the delivery of a number of participation programmes.
  • Nutrition- Educate residents of Fylde on how to prepare health nutritious meals, and how to live their lives by a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Mental Health- Increase engagement with at risk groups identified through partnership meetings, and deliver social and activity groups which combat social isolation and other mental health issues.

The programme, launched in April 2014, has grown considerably, with organisations each seeing key health targets being complemented by The Foundations powerful brand right across Blackpool Wyre and Fylde.

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